Be assured that the properties listed on this site are legitimate vacation homes and that you will be dealing directly with the owners of the properties or their designated agents. There are no hidden renter fees on this site. This web site was launched in September of 2019. We are new, but our listings are growing weekly, so check back often.

Property Owners

There are no up front fees to list your vacation home rental on this site!

Our model is simple... We operate on an honor system. There is no risk for you. You rent your property through GV.Rentals and you pay us two percent of the rent (up to a maximum of $150/year). That is a fraction of the what others charge, whether you rent your property or not.

Your identity is hidden until you decide to make contact with a prospective renter. When a party is interested in a property of yours, they send an inquiry through the system which is forwarded to your email.

Click here for documentation on listing your property on this site.


In order to keep costs lower, both for the owner and renter, online payments are not handled directly through this site.

Using checks for payments avoids the transaction fees (2.9 percent and up).

In cases where the renter wishes to use the convenience and safety of a credit card payment, this can be done through Pay Pal. The owner is charged 2.9 percent plus $0.30 per transaction (May 30, 2019).

Looking to buy a home in Green Valley?

We highly recommend the following Green Valley realtors

Jeff and Kathy Harrell
Tierra Antigua Realty
(520) 230-5333

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